Field Engineer

Field Engineer

Field Engineer -- an online marketplace that connects solution providers with network and telecommunications engineers for on-demand jobs -- is primed to take advantage of the "Gig Economy" and sees the channel as a natural fit.

5 Tips For Working With Contract Engineers
Hiring engineers on a freelance basis can provide plenty of benefits to solution providers but do bring risks. Here are five tips for working with contract engineers.

Solution Providers See ‘Huge Financial Benefit’ From Disruptive Gig Economy Marketplace
The on-demand talent model is opening the door for solution providers to add millions of dollars to their bottom line. With technical talent the biggest cost for a solution provider of any size, the ability to hire engineers on a contract basis has just changed the game.

Field Engineer CEO Malik Zakaria: ‘We Streamline The Costly Search For Talent’
Malik Zakaria discusses how the Gig Economy is changing the IT industry and how Field Engineer can help solution providers find the engineering talent they need to be successful.

Field Engineer Online Marketplace Platform: All The Necessary Tools, Fine-Tuned Daily
Field Engineer CTO Kaushik Bhaumik oversaw the design and development of the Field Engineer platform, the system that is at the heart of the company’s services that help businesses find and engage with contract engineers. In an interview with CRN, he does a deep dive into the platform’s capabilities and the benefits it offers solution providers.

The Gig Economy Comes To The Channel
Solution providers looking to boost their technical bench and compete for larger deals will find Field Engineer’s marketplace of on-demand contract workers a perfect match.

Freelancers Call Field Engineer Service 'Simple, Efficient, Profitable'
About 45,000 skilled freelance engineers have developed profiles on Field Engineer's marketplace platform.