XChange NexGen 2022

Xchange Best Of Breed 2022

The forward-looking XChange NexGen Conference focuses heavily on what's coming down the pike for the most progressive MSPs. The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated emerging technology trends for businesses around the globe, who are now grappling with a hybrid workforce and brand-new IT requirements, all while striving to meet expectations for uber-responsive customer experiences. The XChange NexGen event brings together innovative technology experts, futurists, and future-minded solution providers for keynotes, informative panels and peer-to-peer networking to help the channel stay on the bleeding edge.

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MSPs Can Profit From Coming ‘Tsunami’ Of Compliance Rules: Industry Expert
‘It’s going to be a very lucrative line of business for all of us. There’s a growing demand for it,’ says MSP owner and author John Hill.

Ex-FBI Agent On Cyberattacks: ‘How Do We Get People To Understand The Threat Is Real?’
‘A majority of the victimizations that I’ve dealt with could have been prevented if my end users were only armed with a couple of key pieces of information,’ says retired FBI agent Scott Augenbaum.

Attention MSPs: You’re Also ‘Business Advisors,’ Not Just Tech Advisors
‘The folks that you’re doing business with are (about) people and processes too,’ says Zorus sales executive Chris Keith.

Managed Data Analytics: Lucrative Recurring Revenue ‘Right Under The Nose’ Of MSPs
‘You all have the data, and it’s up to us to refine that data and provide that visualization for the C-level people to understand what’s currently going on in their organizations,’ one MSPs says of the managed data analytics opportunity.

5 Tips For MSPs Zeroing In On SMBs
75 percent of SMBs are eager to invest in new technology, representing a massive area of opportunity for MSPs targeting SMBs, according to Cisco’s Michelle Ragusa-McBain.

NexGen Panel: When It Comes To Work-Life Balance, The Two Shouldn’t Be Separate
Three MSP executives speak about overcoming challenges, including mental health challenges, in their life and what they do in their personal life that will benefit their business at the XChange NexGen conference.

M&A Expert: We’re Seeing ‘Larger Buyers Swim Downmarket’
‘You’re seeing a lot of larger buyers swim downmarket for the smaller businesses because of resources, because they still want to grow a certain percentage of revenue each year. And so we’re still seeing a lot of activity in the smaller midmarket space,’ says Tim Mueller, president of M&A advisory firm martinwolf.

Closing The MSP Talent Gap By ‘Future Proofing’ Your Hiring
‘The best way to retain and create a win-win situation is to hire someone that uses your opportunity as career advancement from day one, and not just compensation,’ MSP staffing firm founder John Davenjay told an audience of MSPs at XChange NexGen 2022.

NexGen 2022 Panel: XaaS ‘Fits The Bill’ For Customers Scaling Fast
‘We’re the tip of the spear to the customer and we understand the problems that you’re solving, so it’s my job to go find the right people, process and the technology to solve that in a consumption model,’ one MSP says at XChange NexGen 2022.

Hybrid Work Services Boost Aqueduct Technologies To ‘Record Year’
‘The big trends that we’ve seen this year is customers are starting to swing the pendulum back in what their hybrid work strategy is,’ Aqueduct Technologies CEO Manak Ahluwalia tells CRN.

MSPs Have A ‘Lot Of Room For Improvement’ When It Comes To KPIs
‘There really is a process to determine what’s important in your business. … If you don’t know your [key performance indicator] numbers, you are really flying blind,’ says Brett Jaffe, co-owner and strategic coach at ConnectStrat.

Fortinet Executive: Demand For MSSPs Is Only Going To Grow In Coming Years
‘I really do think we’re on the cusp of yet another growth spur’ for managed services, says Fortinet’s Michael O’Brien.

Sherweb Exec: We’re ‘A Differentiator In The MSP Market’
‘The partners I do have are growing at a rate that beats the market,’ Sherweb’s Michael Slater says. ‘On average, about 141 percent more than their competitors. So we can help you achieve that.’

Pax8: There’s ‘Huge Growth’ For MSPs In Small Business, Cloud
In order for Pax8 to capitalize and be ready for the ever-growing IT market, the distributor must do three things for MSP partners: discover what is possible, design the outcome and deliver a “phenomenal customer experience,” according to a Pax8 executive.

Why Cyber Insurance? Because SMBs Are A ‘Priority For The Bad Guys’
“I had a client ask me the other day, ‘Why do we need cybersecurity insurance? We have you.’ And it’s like, no, no, you don’t have me. This is totally different,” one MSP told CRN about the importance of cyber insurance during XChange NexGen 2022.

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