HPE Discover 2022: News, Announcements And Analysis

HPE Discover 2022

CRN is live in Las Vegas providing full coverage of HPE Discover 2022. Bookmark this page for the latest news, announcements and exclusive interviews.

HPE Discover 2022: CEO Antonio Neri’s 10 Most Provocative Statements
Hewlett Packard Enterprise CEO Antonio Neri took on all the big issues at HPE Discover 2022 from HPE’s transformation into a software and services company with GreenLake to how HPE is out-innovating competitors. Here are his 10 most provocative statements from the event.

HPE Discover 2022: 5 Biggest News Announcements
HPE is accelerating its GreenLake edge to cloud everything as a service sales offensive with a slew of announcements – including a breakthrough GreenLake for Private Cloud Enterprise service. Here are the five biggest announcements from HPE Discover 2022.

Processor Power Play: HPE Puts Ampere ARM On ProLiant
‘For a person that has worked for years in semiconductors the day that your microprocessor is put into a new system is really the day that you celebrate the fact that it becomes real for customers,’ says Ampere CEO Renee James.

HPE CEO Antonio Neri To Partners: We Built GreenLake To Grow ‘With You And Through You’
‘It is not just an add-on or afterthought [for us],’ says HPE CEO Antonio Neri of HPE’s commitment to enable partners to build their own services on top of GreenLake. ‘We started with that vision because this company—as far as I know and as long as it can go back—has been built with our partners in mind.’

HPE Partner Ready Vantage: 10 Big Things To Know
HPE Monday launched at HPE Discover its first-ever Everything-as-a-Service GreenLake ecosystem channel program. Here are 10 big things to know about HPE’s new Partner Ready Vantage program.

HPE Is Giving Partners ‘The Foundation to Create Their Own Destiny:’ HPE’s George Hope
Hewlett Packard Enterprise Worldwide Channel Chief George Hope says the company’s new Partner Ready Vantage program is giving partners the ‘foundation to create their own destiny.’

HPE Debuts Partner Ready Vantage Everything-As-A-Service Ecosystem Channel Program
For the first time, the HPE Partner Ready Vantage program unites both HPE and Aruba portfolios in an end-to-end edge-to-cloud channel program.

Partner Ready Vantage Is A GreenLake Channel ‘Game-Changer:’ HPE Partners
“Ultimately, this is going to open the door to many more GreenLake opportunities for us, truly offering Everything-as-a Service from the edge to the cloud with our own PKASolveIT services,” said Paul Cohen, vice president of sales for New York-based PKA Technologies.

HPE’s New Integrated Quoter Is Set To Accelerate HPE GreenLake Partner Price Quotes
HPE is using its HPE Discover Partner Growth Summit to unveil a new Integrated Quoter tool that dramatically accelerates the ability for partners to do complex, custom GreenLake cloud service price quotes.

Rewarding Partners For GreenLake ‘Land, Adopt, Expand or Renew’: HPE’s Jesse Chavez
HPE’s new everything-as-a-service ecosystem program rewards partners for the full customer lifecycle with incentives for ‘land, adopt, expand or renew,’ says HPE Vice President Jesse Chavez, a key architect of HPE’s new everything-as-a-service ecosystem channel program.

Red Hat To Offer Pay-Per-Use OpenShift On HPE GreenLake
The OpenShift version of HPE GreenLake is part of a Red Hat on GreenLake joint development pact that also includes Red Hat Enterprise Linux and the Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform for GreenLake.

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