Lenovo 2020: Doing The Right Thing

Lenovo 2020

The ‘Lenovo story‘ has been one of stepping up time and time again to help partners and customers in need amid unprecedented challenges. Now with a new Partner Hub, rich incentives and innovative products, the company's next chapter is set to unfold.


‘Doing The Right Thing’: How Lenovo Stepped Up For Partners In 2020
With a new Partner Hub, rich incentives and innovative products, Lenovo’s next chapter is ready to unfold.

Lenovo Partners Seeing Huge Momentum In Device-As-A-Service Deals
Lenovo partners are seeing huge momentum with DaaS, which offers the ability to scale down the number of devices on demand -- not just scale up.

Innovation Delivered: Partners Hail Lenovo For ‘Challenging The Norm’
Lenovo is looking to seize the moment with PCs considered essential amid widespread remote work and learning due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Lenovo GM Kevin Hooper On ‘Acquisition, Growth And Market Share Push’
Lenovo executive Kevin Hooper’s Channel-First go-to-market strategy mandates that Lenovo leverage channel partners in as many deals as possible.

Lenovo’s Matthew Zielinski: PC Group Staying On ‘Growth Tear’ By Going After New Customers With Partners
Lenovo president Matt Zielinski spoke with CRN about the PC demand outlook, the Chromebook supply situation and his message for partners.

Lenovo Partner Hub, Empower Incentive Have Partners Closing More Deals, More Quickly
“The real benefits [of Partner Hub] are going to come from our ability to aggregate big data, and then present it back out to our partners to really accelerate and change their sales motion,” said Lenovo’s Jeff Taylor.

Boosting Partner Profitability: Lenovo’s Steve Biondi Talks New Programs, Channel Enablement Ahead
Enhancements to the Lenovo Data Center Partner Program include additional rebates for exceeding growth targets and acquiring new accounts as well as customer ‘talk tracks’ to help sell in a virtual world.

Call To Action: How Lenovo Is Emphasizing Communication And Rewarding Partners For New Business
Lenovo channel chief Rob Cato spoke with CRN about Lenovo’s Partner Stimulus Package, focus areas with solution providers during the COVID-19 crisis and the biggest investment areas going forward.

‘Bold Commitment:’ Lenovo’s Channel-First Initiative Puts Partners Front And Center
“That Channel-First strategy not only has delivered, but it has also protected us through this last six months of lockdown and the effect of COVID-19,” said Kevin Hooper, president and general manager for Lenovo’s North America Data Center Group

Lenovo’s New Device Lineup Brings Portability, Performance And Collaboration
Lenovo’s intelligent devices portfolio for 2020 includes new notebooks, desktops and displays, as well as a new category of device: the foldable PC.

The Lenovo Channel Partner Advantage: No Competing On Services
Lenovo channel chief José Luis Fernandez said his company’s goal is to enable its channel partner community to reap the sales margins from selling their own services while at the same time increasing customer stickiness.

4 Ways Lenovo Will Be ‘Making A Lot More Noise’ In 2021
Lenovo channel chief José Luis Fernandez breaks down the reasons why channel partners should be pumped about partnering with Lenovo in 2021.

Lenovo’s Wave Of The Future Is Here Today: 5 Next-Generation Data Center Products
Lenovo’s data center innovation engine is in full swing this year as the company launches a slew of new architectures to elevate server capabilities and take its hybrid cloud strategy to the next level.