Organizations Under Siege: How and why to Discuss Proactive Information Governance with your Customers

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The information explosion has created a siege-like atmosphere for organizations. "Barbarians" such as information retention and eDiscovery are constantly storming the company's ramparts, creating confusion around how to best manage this growth. Meanwhile, courts and regulatory bodies raise the bar on how organizations are expected to store, manage and discover their information.

This channelcast is specifically designed to help you properly address these challenges. Symantec Discovery Counsel Philip Favro will break down a few common, yet confusing concepts, including:
- What information governance entails
- How technology supports eDiscovery
- Concepts such as deletion, spoliation of evidence, and litigation hold

Phil will review recent court cases that illustrate why you should engage in these discussions with your customers. He will also describe how proactive governance powered by Symantec archiving solutions and the Symantec Clearwell eDiscovery Platform work together to provide solutions for your customers.

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