10 High-Tech Holiday Gifts For Dogs, Cats And Other Pets

From a FluentPet sound kit to an automatic ball launcher to a light-up tennis ball, here are 10 high-tech holiday gifts for your best pal.

A dog is man’s best friend so why not show your best pal how much you love them by giving them a high-quality tech gift this year? And don’t forget about your cat too.

According to the American Pet Products Association, 95 percent of pet owners will buy their pet a holiday gift this year and spend about $36 per pet. But love is priceless, so why not skip the new bone or squeaky toy tand go high-tech for the four-pawed family member in your home?

And pet owners aren’t just getting Fido a new toy, according to the survey, 34 percent of pet owners said they have a special pet-safe advent calendar, 29 percent said pets will receive a Christmas card from their humans even though they can’t read, 16 percent said their pets will be featured on their Christmas cards and 3 percent said their pets will be “writing” letters to Santa Paws.

From a FluentPet sound kit to an automatic ball launcher to a light-up tennis ball, here are 10 high- tech holiday gifts for your best pal.

* Nerf Dog Light Up LED Blaze Tennis Ball Dog Toy

* PetFusion Ambush Interactive Electronic Cat Toy

* iFetch Mini Automatic Ball Launcher Dog Toy

* FluentPet Tester Kit

* PetSafe Bolt Interactive Laser Cat Toy

* SBARK Orvis Tikr Treat Activity Toy for Dogs

* Veken Pet Fountain

* The Stressed Cat’s Relaxation Trainer

* itBark 2 Dog Activity Monitor

* Cheerble Smart Interactive Wicked Ball PE Dog Toy

Nerf Dog Light-Up LED Blaze Tennis Ball

The light-up Nerf Dog LED Blaze Tennis Ball dog toy has a chew-resistant exterior and bright LED lights to help to spot the ball more easily, even when the sun’s setting. The lightweight and portable ball is designed to withstand hours of rough play and encourages human-to-dog interaction. The toy is great for night, dawn or dusk playtime and is suitable for all breed sizes.

Price: $7.99

PetFusion Ambush Interactive Electronic Cat Toy

The PetFusion Ambush Electronic Cat Toy is devised to stimulate a cat‘s natural instincts to chase and capture prey. The automatic device gives your feline a moving target, which will help prevent boredom and encourage exercise. A colorful feather will pop out from one of the six holes at random, using LED color lighting and motion to catch the cat’s attention.
Cats will pounce and paw for the feather, satisfying their desire to hunt fast-moving prey. With its anti-skid feet, the toy stays put throughout the game. When the cat wins the battle, the feather is easy to remove and replace for further play.

The focused, interactive play the toy promotes can improve a cat‘s overall wellness and happiness. Its anti-skid feet help the toy stay put on smooth surfaces like hardwood floors, includes one replacement feather and has an eight-minute auto shutoff feature.

Price: $22.95

iFetch Mini Automatic Ball Launcher Dog Toy

The iFetch Mini Automatic Ball Launcher for dogs gives an owner’s arm a break when it comes time to play fetch. Designed for small to medium dogs, the interactive toy is perfect for when the dog wants to play and the owner is away. To use the launcher, simply plug it in, choose the launching distance and then drop in a mini ball. The dog will soon learn how to drop the ball itself, which allows independent play and ensures the needed mental and physical exercise.

The Automatic Ball Launcher comes with three mini tennis balls, launches the ball 10, 20 or 30 feet and operates almost silently with a streamlined plastic design with rubber feet to keep it in place.

Price: $129.99

FluentPet Tester Kit

FluentPet is the next-level way to teach your pets how to communicate with you. Simply record your voice saying simple words like “outside” or “treat” onto a button included in the package and stick it onto one of the colorful foam hexagons. When it’s time to go outside, hit the button, which will then play your recorded “outside” voice. After a repeat of this, the dog will be trained to push the button with its paw for it to say “outside,” therefore telling you that they want to go out.

The starter kit includes two FluentPet sound buttons, two FluentPet solid color compact hexTiles.m, 67 ideogram stickers and six pre-installed batteries. It’s customizable with any words or sounds you‘d like to teach, is designed to be easy to press even for small learners, and its compact design means more fitted buttons in a smaller space.

Price: $34.95

PetSafe Bolt Interactive Laser Cat Toy

The PetSafe Bolt Interactive Laser cat toy is a unique battery-operated toy that delivers hours of endless fun. The automated rotating mirror beams out a laser in random patterns for hands-free solo play so no pet will be bored or anxious while its owner is away. But for interactive play, owners can switch it to manual mode and create customizable patterns of light for the pet to chase.

To use, simply hold in the toy or place it on a flat surface, turn it on and watch the pet pounce and play. The laser encourages mental stimulation and physical exercise and has an automatical timer that turns the laser off after 15 minutes to conserve battery life.

Price: $18.95

SBARK Orvis Tikr Treat Activity Toy For Dogs

Tikr offers a new experience that excites, surprises and engages a dog‘s mind and body and for sure will tire them out. It also helps reduce canine anxiety issues. Tikr’s built-in timer, and strategically sized holes filled with different-size snacks, will occupy Fido all day. Set the timer and as the timer unwinds the holes will slowly line up, allowing snacks to casually fall out. Snacks that remain inside will keep dogs mesmerized as they play for upward of 45 minutes. Dogs will be continually rewarded along the way with the largest snacks being dispensed at the very end. Tikr does not need batteries to play and it is recommended for small to medium-size dogs.

Snacks will only fall out when the holes in the toy align, so your dog remains captivated for extended periods of time or as short as five minutes.

Price: $14.73

Veken Pet Fountain

The Veken pet fountain is perfect for both dogs and cats. The 95-ounce capacity makes the fountain water dispenser a perfect fit for small to medium-size dog breeds and all cats. The fountain is made of food grade materials, is BPA free, durable and easy to operate and clean. Its water-level window and LED light let owners observe how much water their pets drink in real time.

The fountain has two flow designs: flower waterfall (faucet drinking) and the gentle fountain. The water streaming down the petals of the flower on the fountain will draw pets’ attention and encourage animals to drink more often.

Its triple-filtration system keeps water fresh via circulation including an activated carbon layer, ion exchange resin and thick non-woven fabric.

Price: $24.99

The Stressed Cat’s Relaxation Trainer

The Stressed Cat‘s Relaxation Trainer is a device that calms anxious cats through its ultrasonic sound frequencies that cannot be heard with the human ear.

The relaxation trainer is ideal for felines that struggle with stress from loud sounds such as fireworks and thunderstorms and helps with separation anxiety. It plays six different frequencies that only pets can hear, keeping them calm in stressful situations. It has a 15 foot range and can also be programmed to play sounds aubile to the human ear, like ocean waves and music.


FitBark 2 Dog Activity Monitor

The FitBark 2 Dog Activity Monitor tracks activity, sleep quality, distance, calorie balance and overall health and behavior of your dog 24/7. Through a phone app, dog owners can set activity goals based on breed, age and weight. They can even add multiple dogs and owners in the app.

The battery lasts up to six months and the monitor fits dogs of any size and most collars. While it’s tough, rugged and waterproof, it cannot be used as a dog tracker.

The monitor can help catch early signs of discomfort or disease and track mobility, anxiety and skin conditions through changes in the FitBark Health Index and Sleep Score. The tracker is even compatible with Fitbit, Apple Watch and other human health trackers.

Price: $69.95

Cheerble Smart Interactive Wicked Ball PE Dog Toy

Cheerble Smart Interactive Wicked Ball PE Dog Toy is specially designed for active, lazy or bored adult dogs. Its outer shell is made of durable thickened natural rubberand is BPA-free, nontoxic and odorless. The ball comes with three interactive modes: passive, normal and gentle to accommodate any dog’s activity level. When turned on, the ball will automatically move, shake or bounce and can be switched for different dogs’ play. The LED light catches the dog’s attention and is mentally stimulating and entertaining. The ball is also suitable for indoor and outside play.

The dog toy is suitable for medium and large breeds over 35 pounds. It offers 10 minutes of active play and goes to rest mode for 30 minutes and can be be woken up by touch.

Price: $54.99