IBM Think 2024: Here Are IBM’s Top 30 Partner Award Winners

From Kyndryl and Wipro to EY and Converge Technology Solutions, here are IBM’s 2024 Partner Plus Award winners on both a global and regional basis.

From Kyndryl driving IBM’s modernization push to services all-star EY elevating IBM’s artificial intelligence strategy, a total of 30 partners from around the globe won IBM’s 2024 Partner Plus Awards.

Thousands of IBM partners and customers flocked to IBM Think 2024 in Boston this week to hear about the company’s vision, new products and channel announcement during the tech conference.

“The tremendous power of the IBM Ecosystem is exemplified by the 2024 IBM Partner Plus Awards, which recognizes partners that demonstrate outstanding expertise, impact, innovation and partnership,” said IBM’s Channel Chief Kate Woolley at IBM Think 2024 today.

Hundreds of IBM partners submitted to six categories—AI for Business, Automation, Digital Defense, Digital Labor, Modernization and Sustainability—hoping to become an IBM partner of the year award winner in 2024.

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Several IBM partners who stood out this year include Converge Technology Solutions for cybersecurity, Wipro’s sustainability efforts, Tata Consultancy Services success in AI, as well as Habber Tec for its automation innovation.

“Our journey to support partners in achieving growth and successful outcomes has no end,” said Woolley, general manager of IBM Ecosystem.

Woolley highlighted several partner program milestones over the past few months, including reaching over 250,000 completed badges, the introduction of a new Service track in Partner Plus, and collaboration with partners of all types to scale AI-powered client innovations.

“We are continuously investing in the IBM Partner Plus program with enhancements, resources to build skills and new paths to support partners wherever they are and however they choose to transact,” she said. IBM Think runs from May 20 to May 2023 at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center.

CRN breaks down IBM’s top 30 partners in 2024 that won awards in each of the six categories.

AI For Business 2024 Partner Award Winners

IBM’s AI for Business category highlights partners who are scaling and accelerating the impact of AI through applications, automating workflows, and driving business value. These award winning partners are training, validating, tuning, and deploying AI models for IBM at a rapid pace.

Global Winner: EY

“EY worked with a convenience store chain using watsonx AI tools to improve customer and associate satisfaction, seeing a 50 percent reduction in maintenance tasks and reduced downtime of critical machinery,” said IBM’s Woolley.

Regional Winner For North America: EY

Regional Winner For APAC: Tata Consultancy Services

Regional Winner For EMEA: Agile Business Process UK Limited

Regional Winner For Latin America: PROA Tecnologia Criativa

Regional Winner For Japan: AIT Inc.

Automation 2024 Partner Award Winners

IBM’s automation category celebrates partners who are accelerating their clients’ efforts by making businesses more efficient. Woolley said these top automation partners are improving their clients’ performance by enabling smarter systems, better business processes, and smoother workflows.

Global: Habber Tec

“Habber Tec automated and optimized the administrative processes for a large bank using IBM Automation Workflow and Insights technologies; resulting in better prioritization of workloads and more efficient client response processes,” said IBM’s Woolley.

Regional Winner For North America: EY

Regional Winner For APAC: Tech Mahindra Limited

Regional Winner For EMEA: Habber Tec

Regional Winner For Latin America: ViaFlow: Design and Technology

Regional Winner For Japan: NEC Corporation

Modernization 2024 Partner Award Winners

IBM’s modernization award highlights partners who unlock new possibilities by innovating their digital infrastructure. These IBM partner winners are expanding in unexpected ways, removing long-standing barriers, and giving their clients the flexibility to build a brighter future.

Global: Intercompany

“Intercompany migrated their client to a modernized environment with IBM Cloud and Power Systems Virtual Server, increasing compute capacity and achieving significant gains in terms of security, reliability, and performance,” said IBM’s Woolley.

Regional Winner For North America: Kyndryl

Regional Winner For APAC: Silverlake Holdings Sdn Bhd

Regional Winner For EMEA: Anycloud A/S

Regional Winner For Latin America: InterCompany

Regional Winner For Japan: OmniScience

Digital Defense 2024 Partner Award Winners

IBM’s Digital Defense category highlights those who are top-notch cybersecurity partners. Woolley said this award goes to partners who are creating safer products for their clients, protecting both workforces and end users, and ensuring the services provided are secure and uninterrupted.

Global: Converge Technology Solutions

“Converge helped their financial services client manage their data security challenges using IBM Guardium, which significantly improved the client’s compliance, reduced the risk of data breaches, improved operational efficiency and delivered cost savings,” said IBM’s Woolley.

Regional Winner For North America: Converge Technology Solutions

Regional Winner For APAC: Deloitte India

Regional Winner For EMEA: SmarterProcess

Regional Winner For Latin America: PrimeUp

Regional Winner For Japan: Central Soft Service Co. Ltd.

Digital Labor 2024 Partner Award Winners

IBM’s Digital Labor awards celebrate partners that are realizing new potential in IBM’s most powerful resource: data. These partner winners are leveraging their clients' data to develop exceptional experiences, more efficient operations, and breakthrough innovations, according to Woolley.

Global: Silver Egg Technologies

“Silver Egg Technologies is using in its solution to evaluate resumes quickly and fairly against specific job criteria, potentially reducing the time required to extend a job offer by as much as 75 percent,” said IBM’s Woolley.

Regional Winner For North America: ActionKPI

Regional Winner For APAC: LTIMindtree

Regional Winner For EMEA: Visito AS

Regional Winner For Latin America: CertSys Tecnologia da Informação LTDA

Regional Winner For Japan: Silver Egg Technology CO.,Ltd.

Sustainability 2024 Partner Award Winners

IBM’s Sustainability category highlights partners who are turning aspirational ambitions into sustainable actions. Woolley said these awards are for partners who are helping their customers think planet-first, enact sustainable practices, find responsible ways to grow businesses, and create a brighter future for humanity.

Global: Wipro

“Wipro designed a solution using IBM App Connect, IBM TRIRIGA and IBM Envizi to help a retail client measure a 23 percent reduction in emissions, a 21 percent decrease in energy consumption, and a 32 percent decline in operating costs,” said IBM’s Woolley.

Regional Winner For North America: Cohesive

Regional Winner For APAC: Wipro Limited

Regional Winner For EMEA: EY Ukraine

Regional Winner For Latin America: ScaleUP Consultoria

Regional Winner For Japan: ITOCHU Techno-Solutions Corporation