Palo Alto Networks CEO Nikesh Arora: GenAI Now Embedded In ‘Every One’ Of Our Products

The vendor unveiled its new ‘Precision AI’ capabilities across its product portfolio Tuesday, along with several tools for protecting the use of GenAI itself.

Palo Alto Networks unveiled a new set of AI-powered capabilities, dubbed Precision AI, across its cybersecurity product portfolio Tuesday.

During a Palo Alto Networks event in San Francisco, CEO Nikesh Arora said the new technology incorporates generative AI functionality — which the vendor has been developing for more than a year — as well as other AI and machine-learning capabilities.

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“We have coupled not just our generative AI capabilities, we've coupled our machine learning capabilities, our automation workflows, and packaged that into what we call Precision AI — allowing us to then take that capability [and] infuse that into every one of our products,” Arora said.

Precision AI is now available across the company’s three major platforms — Strata, Prisma Cloud and Cortex. The vendor has thus completed the process of “embedding AI into every one of Palo Alto Networks’ products,” Arora said.

“So today, the security we can give [to] customers is now enabled by various forms of machine learning and AI to make sure that we are using the bleeding-edge technologies to protect you — which we are concerned that bad actors might use to attack you,” he said. “The only way to fight AI is with AI.”

Meanwhile, Palo Alto Networks also announced a number of new tools for protecting the use of GenAI itself, including AI Access Security for securing the use of AI apps; AI-SPM (security posture management) for identifying vulnerabilities in AI models; and AI Runtime Security for securing against runtime threats such as prompt injections.

The suite of products enables organizations to “secure AI by design,” Arora said. The products are now in beta and expected to be generally available in July, he said.

Additionally, Palo Alto Networks announced three copilot assistants powered by GenAI now in beta. The tools — Strata Copilot, Prisma Cloud Copilot and Cortex Copilot — will also be generally available in July and are powered with the help of Precision AI, the company said.

The copilots will provide not just answers to questions but also will “learn from every interaction,” Arora said. “They’ll get smarter.”