Microsoft, Brightpoint To Launch Windows Mobile Solutions For SMB VARs

As part of the deal, to be announced at CTIA in New Orleans on Monday, BrightPoint developed a Mobile Activation Service (MAS) for Microsoft's SMB solution providers and mobile operators that's slated to be launched later this year over Sprint's nationwide PCS network, according to Microsoft.

The alliance is designed to simplify mobile and wireless solutions delivery for Microsoft's VAR channel. Plainfield, Ind.-based Brightpoint, which distributes a range of wirelessproducts and solutions, will activate, automatically provision and deliver Windows Mobile 2003-based solutions to Microsoft channel partners. From a MAS Web site maintained by Brightpoint, Microsoft resellers can choose from a portfolio of integrated solutions that pair Windows Mobile-based devices such as Pocket PCs and SmartPhones with related mobile operator plans and Windows SBS 2003, Microsoft said.

In recent years, the Redmond, Wash., software giant has marketed Windows Mobile-based devices more aggressively to enterprise customers. Microsoft said the Brightpoint MAS will deliver seamless synchronization and connectivity between Windows Mobile software and Windows SBS 2003. The service will enable small businesses and other customers to quickly deploy Windows SBS 2003 with integrated wireless access to SBS' Outlook and Office applications from Pocket PCs and SmartPhones, the company said.

Though the technology for such connectivity has existed for some time, the integrated, out-of-the-box solution offered by Brightpoint and Microsoft will eliminate the need for VARs to carry excess inventory and negotiate multiple contractual relationships with mobile operators, Microsoft said.

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