CA Buys Mainframe ID Eliminator

The product, which Computer Associates has been selling under its own brand as eTrust Cleanup for two years, automatically spots and deletes obsolete, unused, and rogue user IDs and access rights. It also erases pre-assigned IDs used for such things as batch jobs and FTP processes.

"When it comes to securing corporate information assets, deprovisioning is as critical as provisioning," said Toby Weiss, senior vice president of CA's eTrust security group.

User IDs are often left intact even after workers leave the company, said Earl Perkins, an analyst with the Meta Group, inviting security breaches. Typically, said Perkins, employees are assigned an average of 16 IDs to access critical applications while they're at a company, but on average, only 10 of those IDs are removed when the employee departs.

eTrust Cleanup supports z/OS and z/OS.e, and is available now.

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