VMware Launching Technology Network For Developers

The Palo Alto, Calif.-based company currently sells workstation and server products as part of its namesake virtualization platform, which many customers use for consolidating servers, server provisioning, system management and software testing.

On Monday, VMware launched a Web site that features a collection of preconfigured virtual machines from Red Hat, Novell, Oracle and recently launched Spikesource that reduces the time developers need to spend provisioning, configuring, testing and restoring applications, said Srinivas Krishnamurti, group product manager for VMware.

VMware said these application environments can be preinstalled, preconfigured and reused for testing their applications, improving time-to-market.

In addition, VMware on Monday also plans to unveil a subscription service that gives developers access to the company's VMware Workstation Edition, GSX Server and ESX Server Developer Edition with Virtual SMP for team collaboration and VMware P2V Assistant for migrating physical systems to virtual machines. The subscription is priced at $299 per user per year and will become available June 13, the company said.

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VMware is introducing the preconfigured virtual machines and the subscription network to better serve the needs of those who used virtualization software for software development and testing, according to Krishnamurti. "We're allowing developers to have a replica of the data center on their desktop so they can reduce the time they spend testing and the number of configurations they have to build and test," he told CRN.

Krishnamurti added that the network, called the VMware Technology Network, is being offered to align VMware's products with the business model of developers. "When we sell today, we sell on a per-CPU basis, and developers and testers don't buy on a per-CPU basis," he said. "So we're aligning our pricing model with how they are used to buying software."

Authorized partners will be able to sell the VMware Technology Network, according to VMware.