Macrovision Automates Complex Software Installations

The new FLEXnet Publisher Installation Module, which incorporates IBM's Solution Installation engine and is the fruit of a two-year partnership, is designed for corporate environments where multiple packages, often interdependent, need to be installed at the same time. The module, said Macrovision, enforces dependencies between components of multi-product installations to make sure they run without configuration failures, and saves time by automating the installation.

"IBM recognizes that self-managing automated software installations are critical to provide efficiency and value for software companies and their customers," said David Bartlett, vice president of IBM's autonomic computing group, in a statement.

According to Bartlett's division, close to a third of all application failures can be traced to configuration errors introduced when administrators manually install software.

The Santa Clara, Calif.-based Macrovision sells its installation packagers to approximately 50,000 software publishers, as well as direct to enterprises. Other FLEXnet Publisher modules target licensing, utility pricing, and software updating.

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