SAP Raids Competitors For Talent

The German business software marker said in a statement that the new hires include "key development and marketing executives," who have joined the Product and Technology Group managed by Shai Agassi, PTG president and member of the company's executive board.

Among the hires were Richard Campione and Nimish Mehta, both former group vice presidents at Siebel; Mike Mayer, former senior director of international projects at Oracle; Dan Rosenberg, former vice president of research and development at Oracle; Gordon Simpson, former deputy chief technology officer at BEA; Bob Stutz, who was responsible for 21 vertical product lines at Siebel; and John Zepecki, former vice president of development at PeopleSoft.

The senior executives joined SAP at a time of turmoil at some of the competing vendors. Oracle is currently in the process of merging with PeopleSoft, which the database company acquired following a long battle with PeopleSoft management. Siebel, on the other hand, has had difficulty maintaining revenues and profits as the market for software to manage customer data has shifted away from large, enterprise-wide software deployments.

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