Intacct Products Support On-demand App Integration

Intacct, Los Gatos, Calif., has been among the most aggressive SaaS vendors to push these new capabilities. That shouldn't be surprising, given that Intacct's on-demand offering is accounting software—typically the hub of customers' business systems. For Intacct to succeed, it needs to promote easy interaction between its accounting app and all the other business functions that feed into and work off of that financial core.

This explains the strategic significance—to Intacct as well as to its partners—of the vendor's recent announcement of its ConnectERP, CustomERP and ManageERP on-demand products.

CustomERP provides a point-and-click customization. With it, users can tap into realtime data from other applications, create business rules, set up workflow triggers and change fields.

ConnectERP delivers realtime data synchronization between Intacct and other applications. It also includes a .Net SDK and a so-called "developers' sandbox" preproduction environment, where developers can safely build and test the interaction of their applications with Intacct's.

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CoreSense, Saratoga Springs, N.Y., makes use of both new products. An ISV of on-demand applications for SMB retailers that sell through multiple channels, CoreSense recently created a new offering with Intacct as the accounting hub.

"Our software has the data for an accounting system, we just don't want to build it," said CoreSense CEO Jason Jacobs. "Because we're both software-as-a-service, we each can run on single-source, multitenant code, and we don't have to do the integration at every location."

Intacct's new ManageERP gives partners an online console to centrally administer, extend and customize their Intacct-based customers.