Internet Explorer 7 Beta Busts Some Instant-Messaging Clients


Reports circulated that other IM clients, including the open-source Gaim, also crash for some users when IE 7 is installed.

The multi-network Trillian won't work with IE 7, Trillian users wrote on the product's user-to-user forums. Uninstalling IE 7, however, returns Trillian to normal operation.

Another fix, said one Trillian user, is to delete a .dll file that seems to be causing the problem.

"If you remove the MSN.dll plugin it will work fine. So obviously the problem lies somewhere in the MSN plugin," said a user identified only as "LaRz."

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Currently, Trillian's developer, Cerulean Studios, isn't planning on an update.

"The developers are aware of the issue," said a poster on the technical support forum. "There will most likely be no patch for it right now because IE7 is still in beta testing. If a patch was issued, there is a chance that something else would change that would mess it up again.

"When IE7 is released as a final version we will take a look and if it is still causing issues with Trillian, something will definitely be done."