GoldenGate&s Veridata Takes On Database Discrepancies

GoldenGate Software is attacking that problem with its new Veridata software, which is designed to compare data between working databases.

"There are a number of use cases,” said Sami Akbay, senior director of marketing for the San Francisco-based software vendor. “When people use ETL [extract, transform and load] solutions, there's data on the target systems and on the source systems, and you have to make sure they're identical. Then there has to be disaster-recovery realignment. Many times, the primary and backup systems don't have identical data."

Veridata, which is available now for Oracle databases, compares the databases at very high speeds and has a very low impact on performance, Akbay said. The software is offered on a perpetual license basis, starting at about $90,000 per pair of servers, or via a monthly fee for term licensing. Maintenance is 20 percent of the license cost.

Dale Van Stratten, vice president of global sales at Insession Technologies, an Omaha, Neb.-based integrator that specializes in building secure and reliable infrastructure, is bullish on Veridata. He said the product will help businesses ensure they're using the latest and best data at all times.

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"Both in terms of disaster recovery and purely from an auditing standpoint in the era of Sarbox [the Sarbanes-Oxley Act] and all of these compliance regulations, to be able to say that my data over here matches my data over there is a huge thing," Van Stratten said.

GoldenGate, which also offers other data management solutions, sells about half of its software through channel partners, he said.