Microsoft, SWSoft Team On Web Site Builder For Hosters

The software rivals, which compete on the virtualization front, will offer SWsoft's SiteBuilder For Windows at no charge to hosters globally through Sept. 30, 2006, Microsoft said.

Microsoft's Virtual Server and SWSoft's Virtuozzo compete in the software virtualization and server consolidation market. The promotion announced Wednesday stems from the launch of SWSoft's Site Starters For Windows last May.

The software is designed to enable service providers and customers to build hosted, Windows-based sites in five steps. For example, a point-and-click wizard provides design and layout templates, page structure, sample text placement and a powerful WYSIWYG editor for less tech-savvy users, Microsoft said.

In addition, the application offers custom designs--including an assortment of "skins" that hosters and customers can use to private-label their Web interface--plus more than 300 templates, statistics and photo albums.

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The Web site building software supports integration with SWsoft&s Plesk, Virtuozzo, HSPcomplete and PEM products, as well as with Microsoft Windows Server, SQL Server and Microsoft SQL Server Desktop Engine. SWSoft will provide professional 24x7 support and updates as needed.