SAP Fine-Tunes Business One Offering

Expected to be generally available in December, Business One 2005 will include a new Copy Express function, which allows partners to customize reports, queries and configurations for one partner, then copy those settings for similar customers in the same industry.

“It&'s a faster way to deliver vertical-specific functions to many organizations. Customers love it,” said Korey Lind, president of ThirdWave, an Elmwood, N.J., Business One solution provider. “This way I can charge them less for this sort of implementation work, and instead concentrate on the processes that help them run their business better.”

Improved multilanguage support allows partners and customers to assign languages for specific documents—such as French for invoices and Spanish for custom forms—within the same customer system.

Other additions include enhanced filtering capabilities that enable users to drill down on data, and a new Excel-based reporting and analytics tool.

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“This latest version is truly industrial-strength, with a better technical foundation and an improved SDK to extend it,” said Phil Haine, CEO of Business-First, an SAP Business One reseller partner in Minneapolis.