SWsoft Backs OpenVZ.org Open-Source Virtualization


Executives of the Herndon, Va., company on Wednesday officially launched the OpenVZ.org Web site and released the OpenVZ code under an open-source license. The OpenVZ code runs on Linux only, SWsoft said.

OpenVZ.org has been in limited production since September. The official launch of the site provides access to the software, documentation, installation instructions and new support options, such as online chat.

Kir Kolyshkin, manager of the OpenVZ project, said the software virtualizes the operating system and creates isolated, secure virtual private servers on one server. The technology can support as many as 50 operating systems and 500 virtual machines on a single server, he said.

The code is being developed by engineers in Herndon and Moscow, Kolyshkin said in a phone call from the Russian capital. Executives aim to build a viable open-source community on OpenVZ.org.

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SWsoft contributes development resources, direction and management of the OpenVZ code. The software firm competes against VMware and Microsoft on the proprietary front and against Xen 3.0 on the open-source front.