SSA Global Allies With StreamServe On Document Presentation

Large companies use StreamServe's software to present and parse data collected from various back office applications and databases, so it can be read and understood in bills, invoices, and other paperwork, said Chris Stone, president and CEO of the Burlington, Mass.-based company.

"What we do for companies like utilities is figure out how to take all that information, in AFP, PDF or other formats, decompose it, color it, customize it, and present it in a way that makes sense," Stone said.

"There are millions of ways to capture data, massage it, apply workflow to it, but not a lot of ways to handle the outflow and output," he said.

Current customers include Circuit City, Daimler Chrysler, BMW, and Volvo, he said.

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SSA is an ERP conglomerate, having bought such companies as ERP pioneer Baan, .Epiphany, and others. SSA will resell StreamServe's Electronic Document Presentment to customers around the world.

The bulk of StreamServe's current sales—probably more than 70 percent, go direct, but the goal is to move more of them through channels over time. The SSA deal is a step in that direction, Stone said.

One StreamServe partner, Mark Kilburn of Wave Consulting, has worked with StreamServe for several years.

"We resell [the product] and we offer professional services consulting around Oracle applications. We specialize in manufacturing, financial services, and retail…and we basically bundle StreamServe's forms output management in our Rapid Apps product. Our clients expect us to come in with the whole solution, not just the ERP but how to handle the billing, etc." said Kilburn senior program manager for the Southeast for Richardson, Texas-based Wave.