Oracle Direct Chief Departs For Intuit

Hilarie Koplow-McAdams, senior vice president in charge of Oracle Direct sales operations, has resigned to take a senior job at Intuit, CRN has learned. Koplow-McAdams has been with the Redwood Shores, Calif.-based database giant for 18 years, most recently heading up its huge direct-sales and telesales effort.

While the company searches for a successor, Oracle Direct will report to Rudy Corsi, according to documents examined by CRN.

Oracle could not be reached for comment.

In mid-November, Greg Maffei, who had been named CFO and co-president of Oracle in June, left to become CEO of Liberty Media. Another Microsoft executive alumnus, Tod Nielsen, also left Oracle after a few months to become CEO of Borland Software.

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An Oracle partner said Koplow-McAdams departure could be read two ways. "Maybe she's just done with Oracle, or maybe the company is finally getting on the stick moving to its all-indirect model," he said, requesting anonymity. He characterized Koplow-McAdams as a non-advocate of the move to more indirect, partner-friendly sales.

"From my perspective, she doesn't get it with partners. So this may be a positive thing in that the old-guard relative to Oracle Direct is leaving," he said.

Oracle Direct is the company's massive telesales and direct-sales effort. Koplow-McAdams reported directly to Keith Block, executive vice president for North America. Block heads up all sales and consulting efforts in that region.