rPath Launches Linux Appliance, SaaS Platform

Linux platform Open Source

The platform, which consists of rBuilder and rPath Linux, allows customers to create a software appliance by combining a software application with a streamlined version of system software. The appliance can then be deployed on standard hardware or as a virtual machine.

Developing an appliance simplifies application installation and management and eliminates worrying about integration and operation system and Linux distribution maintenance issues, the company said.

rBuilder, for example, also enables customers an service providers to deploy software-as-a-service to on-site application deployments, based on a software subscription business. The company is targeting customers and service providers.

rPath, a Raleigh, NC company founded by several ex Red Hat executives including CTO Eric Troan, received $6.4 million in funding last month. Troan was a distinguished engineer at Red Hat, the leader in the Linux distribution software market.

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