Open-Xchange, Samba Combo Cuts Need For Windows Servers

Open-Xchange now offers a Samba extension, aka "OX-tender," that promises users full access to Windows Server log-on, file and print services, without necessarily having to field Windows Server at all.

The Tarrytown, N.Y.-based vendor announced the Samba OX-tender in January but is shipping it now. (The company used to be known as Netline.)

Frank Basanta, director of technology at Systems Solutions, a New York-based solution provider, is a big booster. "We have several clients using the beta of Samba OX-tender and they are thrilled with its performance," he said.

Open-Xchange, deployed with this software, can use Samba, instead of Windows NT 4.0 servers or Exchange Server 5.5 mail servers to connect with Windows workstations, the company said.

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Samba is a popular open-source project that eases interoperability between Linux and Windows worlds. In that configuration, e-mail messages, documents and files can be consolidated in a single place, cutting administrative worries and complexity.

The news comes on the eve of Linuxworld Expo in Boston this week where other e-mail players are expected to show off their wares as well.

Maintenance for the extender is $250 per year for 25 named users is $250. Support for each additional named user is another $5.00 per year. The Samba Extender requires use of Open-Exchange's latest 5.0 server release. Support on that runs at $850 per year for 25 named users.

In related news, Open-Xchange said last week it has added 100 mobile phones and other devices -- including the popular Treo " to its SyncML OXtender and will support them for free through January of next year. That brings the total number of devices supported for use with Open-Xchange Server 5 to more than 300 SyncML-supportive devices, the company said.