ISS Adds Linux Support To Proventia IPS Line


Proventia Server for Linux now supports SUSE Linux Enterprise Server and Red Hat Enterprise Linux, and includes vulnerability-centric intrusion prevention that uses data on threats collected by X-Force, the research arm of Internet Security Systems (ISS), according to Paul Blesse, manager of host product marketing at Atlanta-based ISS.

"We focus more on the vulnerability than the signature, because if you are doing signature matching, that doesn't cover variants," Blesse said.

Brandy Peterson, chief technology officer at Fishnet Security, Kansas City, Mo., has seen rising interest among existing ISS customers looking to take advantage of the new feature in the vendor's product line. "That's where the biggest initial buzz will be, because adding Linux enables partners to have more coverage within an existing account," said Peterson.

When X-Force identifies a vulnerability, ISS puts out a virtual patch that protects the server against any threats that emerge before the equipment vendor issues a patch. "This allows companies to wait and test the patches first instead of doing emergency patching," said Blesse.

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In addition to firewall and application protection with SSL encryption, ISS is also including a feature in Proventia Server for Linux that prevents attackers from exploiting buffer overflows in order to compromise server security, said Blesse. "Customers can keep the default X-Force settings or implement their own customized granular policy changes," he said.

ISS, which added Windows support to the Proventia Server line last December, also supports Solaris, HP-UX and AIX, said Blesse. "We want to make it easier for partners to sell products, and broader platform support is the way to go."

Proventia Server for Linux is available now priced starting at $750, or $695 for units of 50 or more.