Google Extends Enterprise Search

Within weeks, Google's enterprise search appliance will be able to scour corporate applications from Oracle, Cognos, NetSuite,, and SAS, among other companies.

The Google OneBox update will be available in a few weeks as a download for existing customers. It will be bundled with new search appliances at that time.

This means that the aforementioned software vendors are "opening up their applications to the Google search interface—which has a lot of value to the customer," said David Girouard, vice president and general manager of Google Enterprise.

In some cases, Google brought in reinforcements to expedite its plans.

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LTech Consulting and SADA Systems developed modules to access directory and calendaring information from Microsoft Exchange Server. BearingPoint did the same for SAP and PeopleSoft apps and LDAP directories. ( BearingPoint is also working with Google to open up silos of corporate data to Google search.) Persistent Systems developed a module for Lotus Notes directories and calendars.

The news comes at a time of a developing arms race in search. Google is trying to extend its Internet dominance into corporate data while Microsoft is attacking both internet and inside-the-firewall search. Oracle recently unveiled plans for its own corporate search technology. Girouard said Google's deal is with the apps side of Oracle's house, while other parts of Oracle are pitching that company's search.

The new technology is only for the larger appliance, which starts at $30,000 for searching up to a half a million documents.