Video: Oracle Delivers Compliance, Risk, Reporting Tool

The module offers pre-built key performance indicators (KPIs) and reports in a dashboard illustrating performance in bar charts, graphs and reports. Visual reporting identifies the effectiveness of a business processes, or how many employees completed a mandatory certification process.

Determining the associated risk for that business process depends on the number of ineffective rules based on performance measures preset by the manager in charge of that task. The application identifies the tasks in color-coded bars that appear in the dashboard. For example, a graph indicator reflecting a negative evaluation appears in red.

"An accounts payable manager responsible for specific processes would be accountable for the controls associated with the task," said Chris Leone, Oracle's group vice president applications group. "If it's getting close to the end of the quarter and certification completion percentages track lower than expected, she can drill down to understand who hasn't completed the process."

The majority of data flowing into Oracle Daily Business Intelligence for Compliance originates in the Oracle E-Business Suite, but the module can potentially manage and monitor information from other platforms, too.

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Oracle spent one year developing Oracle Daily Business Intelligence for Compliance, which sits on the Oracle Internal Controls Manager. Several "very, very large customers" are installing the module, but none deployed. Installation varies, Leone said.

Varying factors include the complexity of the deployment and quantity of controls to monitor and mange, but "we've seen organizations deploy this as short as a month," Leone said. "It really depends on the types of controls to monitor and mange rather than the technology deployment."

Deployments should happen quickly, Leone said, if processes are in place and the company only wants to take what's been managed in spreadsheet and diagraphs previously, and flow that into the Oracle Internal Controls Manager with Oracle Daily Business Intelligence for Compliance running on top. Reevaluating risk and controls take longer.

Oracle Daily Business Intelligence for Compliance costs $30 per employee with a minimum of 500 employees. The application is available now.

Chris Leone, Oracle's group vice president applications group, talks about business intelligence embedded into enterprise applications.