Systinet Launches New ISV Program

Unveils OEM version of WASP product

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Web services infrastructure provider Systinet Monday unveiled its first partner program for OEM and ISV partners, as well as a new OEM version of its Web Applications and Services Platform.

Based on a three-tier system, the program provides all ISV partners with co-marketing opportunities and then adds additional benefits based on the ISV's commitment level, said Charlie Ungashick, senior director of product marketing at Systinet

Systinet's first tier, called the Standard level and aimed at small ISVs, grants the right to OEM Systinet's Web Applications Services Platform (WASP) Server for C++, WASP Server for Java and WASP Developer by purchasing product licenses individually, said Ungashick. The program fee is $495, and ISVs must also pay $200 per incident for technical support on an as-needed basis.

The next tier, Advanced, adds a 10 percent discount on training and options to license Systinet products several ways, he said. ISVs can pay a flat fee for unlimited use of Systinet products, pay on an annual-fee basis or pay royalties on products sold in which a Systinet product is embedded. ISVs at this level also can purchase technical support in bulk instead of paying as they go for support.

Ungashick said the Advanced tier was designed for ISVs with about $5 million to $75 million in revenue. ISVs at this level pay $995 to join and have access to a broader product selection than standard partners.

The highest level of the program, Premium, provides ISPs with the opportunity to OEM any product in Systinet's portfolio, Ungashick said. Technical support is included as part of annual update assurance, purchased for a negotiated price.

ISVs at the Premium level usually license Systinet products by paying a fixed fee for unlimited use, Ungashick said, adding that Premium partners also receive a 15 percent discount on training.

The premium level costs $1995 to join and is for ISVs with annual revenue at least $50 million, Ungashick said.

Systinet also unveiled WASP 4.5 OEM Edition, a new version of its Web services platform that has been engineered with enhancements specifically aimed at simplifying the task of ISVs OEMing the product, executives said.

The product can be deployed on systems based on either Java or .Net, so ISVs don't need to deploy separate products for each technology, according to Systinet. In addition, Systinet added capabilities for embedding Web services into both Java and C++ applications easily in WASP 4.5 OEM Edition.

Systinet also simplified tools and APIs in the new OEM edition of WASP so ISVs can easily build applications using the product.

Systinet, launched in March 2000, currently has 250 customers, according to a company spokesman. About 50 percent of Systinet's customers are end users, while the other 50 percent of product is sold through ISVs and other OEM deals.

Systinet expects to unveil a channel program for solution-provider partners sometime in the next several months, according to a company spokeswoman, who declined to supply further details.

Systinet was founded by CEO Roman Stanek, who also founded NetBeans, which was subsequently acquired by Sun Microsystems in 1999. NetBeans is the Java framework at the foundation of the Sun ONE Studio tools.

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