Red Hat Command Center On Tap

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Red Hat is expected to introduce a new performance monitoring product and service called Red Hat Command Center at LinuxWorld, being held here next week.

Command Center, which will be offered as a software product and a service, will be available this month, sources close to the company said. Command Center, an end-to-end monitoring solution for enterprise applications, systems and networks in multitiered, distributed computing environments, can be deployed at customer sites or outsourced, the vendor said.

>> Red Hat Command Center will be offered as both a software product and a service.


The new offering helps Red Hat fill an important gap, one Linux solution provider said. "They recognize they need to continue to build their products toward the needs of larger enterprises, especially where Oracle and products like Tivoli [network management software] are deployed," said Anthony Awtrey, vice president of solution provider I.D.E.A.L. Technology, Orlando, Fla.

Red Hat will offer a full-fledged corporate desktop within the next six to 12 months, said Mark de Visser, Red Hat chief marketing officer.

Red Hat also plans to ship an enhanced Red Hat Linux 8.1 desktop upgrade, code-named Phoebe, in April and a new technical workstation during the first quarter, sources close to the company said.

The desktop upgrade features an enhanced BlueCurve GUI that debuted in version 8.0 last September, the Linux 2.4.20-2.2. kernel, the Mozilla 1.2 browser and desktop environments KDE 3.1 and GNOME 2.2 with built-in archiving of files, font viewing and the ability to burn files to CDs, sources said. The beta version was made available on Dec. 23.

Red Hat promotes version 8.0 as a consumer offering, but sources said IBM Global Services is deploying the Linux desktop in corporate environments. Dave Carlquist, vice president of IBM's global emerging markets for SMBs, confirmed that IGS offers Red Hat 8.0 services and is negotiating with other Linux desktop players, including Ximian.

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