Intuit Launches Reseller Program For QuickBooks Enterprise

Intuit is launching a formal reseller program for its QuickBooks Enterprise franchise.

Qualifying VARs and solution providers will get a 25 percent discount on product for resale as well as free software for their own use, training, marketing help and lead referrals, said Bill Lucchini, vice president of Intuit's mid market segment. Current QuickBook professional advisor partners get a 15 percent discount.

The program, along with a new 20-seat version of QuickBooks Enterprise will take center stage at Intuit's inaugural QuickBooks Enterprise User Conference in Phoenix on Wednesday.

Lucchini said Intuit needs the solution provider program to ease migrations from rival accounting packages. "We're getting a significant number of customers coming off of Mas/90 or other midmarket solutions and coming to us…They need experts in the field to help them implement and train, convert their data," Lucchini said. "We pride ourselves on ease of use but when you come from other systems you need help."

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Solution provider partner James Cliame agreed. "The win-win scenario is we provide them with a lower cost solution and professional services," said Cliame, who is president of Net Result, a San Diego-based QuickBooks expert.

The new program could boost uptake of QuickBooks Enterprise, some solution providers said. "This product is different from [Intuit's] off-the-shelf products and serves a different market. It will give us the tools to go against MAS 90 and Great Plains," said Cliame, president.

MAS 90 is one of Sage Software's accounting programs. Great Plains is a venerable small-business accounting package now going under the Microsoft Dynamics GP moniker.

For low-cost software like QuickBooks Enterprise, the reseller margin is of secondary concern compared to billable hours, although getting some margin an a couple-thousand dollar software sales is gravy, solutions providers say.

The five-seat QuickBooks for Enterprise version starts at $3,000; the 15-seat edition starts at $6,000. The new 20-seat edition will be $7,500 to new users and $6,750 as an upgrade.

Cliame said the 20-seat count SKU is of interest as accounts grow. "My customers are all over the map, but in general, they're [companies with] 20 to 25 employees," he said.

Intuit, Mountain View, Calif., invited the 150 Pro Advisors to the user event, and 107 were expected to attend.

Intuit is a powerful force in accounting for small and mid-sized business where Quicken and low-end QuickBooks compete with Sage's Peachtree Accounting, and up the chain with MAS 90, Microsoft Dynamics lines and others.