Scoble To Exit Microsoft

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The blogs were humming this weekend about the decision of Microsoft uber-blogger Robert Scoble to leave the fold. (The Microsoft fold, not the blogging fold, that is.)

Scoble -- on his blog of course -- says it's true. He's going to Podtech and is relocating from the Seattle area to the Valley.

For the record and contrary to what other bloggers have written, Scoble says he remains a Microsoft fan and his move should not be taken as an anti-Microsoft ding.

He also said Microsoft brought no pressure to bear on him for any negative things he may have said.

And never fear he writes, some 3,000 other Microsofties are still blogging away.

Oh joy.

Still, a move is a move. And coming it as it does just as Tech Ed 2006 kicks off, it's bound to have tongues wagging. Just weeks ago Microsoft's Channel 9, another Scoble venue, touted him as "the star of Tech Ed Europe."

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