StreetSmart Suite Adds Sales-Force Automation, CRM


The Tarzana, Calif., company has offered its StreetSmart applications through VARs for several years, starting at 10 cents per user per day. "The entire suite comes at one price. CRM is our first add-on," said CEO Siamak Farah. "The average end user's price is 10 cents per day to 25 cents per day per user for the base system and then $10 a month for those using CRM."

"We've been doing SaaS [Software-as-a-Service] for a decade," he said. "Our new CRM application is sales- and customer-service-centric. Users can now—from within their applications—do all interactions with the customer," Farah said.

"They can track contacts, opportunities, organizations and upload files, assign tasks, and send [e-]mail. The problems many organizations have is they may use a contact manager or CRM, but mail is somewhere else, another application," he noted.

VARs can take that service, customize it and private-label it for their customers, he said.

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Hamid Kelishadi, CEO of Nulinx, also known as, a Sherman Oaks, Calif.-based ASP, resells the service and uses it internally because it offers deep functionality.

"Because it's integrated in a solution that gives you calendar, mail and contacts, you can give customers a comprehensive suite," he said.

Kelishadi says target customers range from small companies to very large organizations. "I think the more scattered the organization is, the better a solution this is," he said. "Some customers have five people and some have 5,000."

The common denominator for the customer base is they hate the implementation process, he said. "With StreetSmart, they don't have to lift a finger."