Hanley, CA's Top Partner Exec, Exits

James Hanley, who CA recruited about two years ago from EMC as its senior vice president of worldwide partner sales, is the latest to leave the troubled company, a CA spokeswoman confirmed Monday.

The circumstances of his departure were not immediately available. However, Hanley's role was diminished last month following a massive reorganization in which CA tapped company veteran Gary Quinn as head of its indirect business operations. That appointment followed the departure of Gregory Corgan, who was executive vice president of worldwide sales.

At the time of that reorganization, Hanley reported to Quinn, who had previously run CA's channel organization before he was tapped to head up the company's SMB and consumer operations.

In a letter sent to partners a week ago, Quinn said he has assumed responsibility of all indirect operations, including channel and OEM relationships. As a result, he has set up a new executive team that includes George Kafkarkou, who now heads up worldwide sales for CA's commercial products sold though partners; Dan Schwartz, charged with recruiting enterprise solution providers; Adam Famularo, tasked with OEM strategy, sales, marketing and support; Alan Komet, responsible for CA's channel program, including partner communications and marketing programs; and Patrick Stayer, who heads up CA's Customer Interaction Center (CIC) in North America.

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"Together, we will be launching a variety of new initiatives designed to help you better serve your customers, take advantage of emerging market opportunities and optimize your operating margins," Quinn said in his letter.