CA To Sell Security Software Via RadioShack


CA said Monday that it will sell its eTrust Internet Security Suite, eTrust Antivirus and Desktop DNA Migrator software through RadioShack, where it will be the only PC security management software sold. The Fort Worth, Texas-based chain has about 6,000 stores nationwide plus an online storefront.

"Growth will be exponential" for sales of these CA products because of the new deal, said George Kafkarkou, senior vice president of SMB and consumer markets at CA, Islandia, N.Y.

RadioShack's broad base of stores and brisk online business make it like a Starbucks of consumer/SOHO electronics outlets, according to Kafkarkou. The convenience of RadioShack's locations should help increase the brand awareness of CA's products, and CA expects to see greater penetration of its products into the home because of the deal, he said.

"Forty percent of very small solution providers spend a large amount of their time helping customers in the home," Kafkarkou said.

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John Sotak, president of Resinetics, a home integrator in Apex, N.C., that specializes in computer networking, security, home automation and wireless systems, said he rarely buys supplies from RadioShack. Still, Sotak said the retail chain sometimes has things he needs for home integration work.

"We go in there mostly for a lot of oddball stuff," he said.