Segways Recalled, Where's GPL 3?

Twenty three thousand of those annoying Segway scooters have been recalled. Apparently the damn things can bring world peace, save energy but they can't quite go in the right direction. There were six reports of problems with the so-called Personal Transporters unexpectedly reversing direction. The problem? A software glitch. So much for Mr. Smarty Pants Dean Kamen.

Seriously, does this culture really need another way for slugs like me to avoid exercise? Walk already! For those who are truly immobile, the PT might be a good idea. But most of those seen on the scooters are hardly disabled. On the bright side, the Segway became a great running (no pun intended) gag on the dearly departed "Arrested Development" series.

On another matter, what's going on with the General Public License 3.0 (GPLv3)? It's allegedly in process, but it's been slow. What are these folks doingwriting it in Esperanto???

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