Klir Gets Collaborative

Klir Analytics 3.0 Beta is a new feature of the Klir network monitoring service that provides an open forum for users. Klir customers can add suggestions about how to better use the Klir service and view the suggestions that others have contributed, said Jim Maiocco, CEO of Seattle-based Klir.

"This lets users share the experiences of other users, which is invaluable," Maiocco said.

Klir is a node monitoring solution that reads and reports on the performance of applications, network bandwidth, servers and other devices. The Klir solution is delivered via a SaaS model through Access Distribution. Access has a hand in the Klir monitoring process through a unique partnership that allows the Westminster, Colo.-based distributor to view the data feed from end-user networks at the same time a solution provider does, Maiocco said.

Klir Analytics 3.0 Beta is similar to the collaborative online database Wikipedia in the sense that Klir customers can add, comment on and make instructive modifications to best practices entries. Over time, the effort will produce an in-depth database of methods that optimize the Klir solution and make it more profitable for partners to use, Maiocco said.

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The availability of functions such as entry tags, user ratings, reader comments and the freedom to design the user interface using Asynchronous JavaScript (Ajax) tools make Analytics 3.0 Beta a dynamic user experience that can be individualized, he added. Users can also link content from third-party industry, trade and vendor sites and call up information related to categories they are searching.

Users of the new collaborative tool can even use entries to advertise themselves and their expertise, something that can potentially attract subcontracting business from other participants in the forum, according to Maiocco.

The free entry-level version of Klir Analytics 3.0 is available directly from the vendor's Web site. The entry-level offering is designed to monitor up to 25 devices. The full-blown product starts as low as $108 per month, according to Klir.