Windows Filename Database Tops 1.2 Billion Entries

Since its debut in March with 4 terabytes of data and over 250 million records, the database has quadrupled to more than 15 terabytes and 1.2 billion records, said Cambridge, Mass.-based Bit9.

FileAdvisor, which can be accessed via a Web browser or using a downloadable utility, provides information such as the file's history, what products it ships (or shipped) with, and the size of all iterations. The database is typically used to trace unknown or suspicious files.

"As more and more software is downloaded by users, companies are having a difficult time identifying what is running on their systems, making it nearly impossible to enforce desktop policies," said Tom Murphy, the chief marketing officer for Bit9. "FileAdvisor is the most comprehensive source of software executables, drivers, and patches available [and] gives customers actionable intelligence so they can see, know, and control what software should and should not run on their desktops and laptops."

According to Bit9, the most searched-for file is "snasbck.tbl," a Microsoft file that's part of Visual Basic 6.0. The Windows Calculator (calc.exe), oddly enough, ranks number 4 on the FileAdvisor Top 10.

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