Stallman Sings For Free Software And Friday Funnies

Free Software Ditty

Stallman may need to do more than warble to get his proposed GPL 3 adopted. The new version of the general public license has hit strong resistance even from the Linux faithful, including Linus Torvalds.

Here's a version with instrumentation.

For those who want still more, Stallman's personal Web site helpfully includes a personal ad.

But enough about the industry. If you need a good non techie laugh, check out these magic shows immortalized on Youtube.

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First there's the incredible Daniel Chesterfield. He's become an office favorite over the last few months. He's now doing GM's new H3 ads. He's almost good enough to make you want to like those grotesque vehicles.

Second, (and it's not for the literal or the squeamish) watch this video of the greatest magician in the world.

Hey, if the Google guys do end up buying Youtube, they better not screw it up!