Police Arrest Expert Linux Developer, Search For Missing Wife

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Police arrested Reiser on suspicion of murder in connection with the disappearance of his estranged wife, according to news reports in The San Diego Union-Tribune. Investigators have scoured his home, where he runs Namesys. Police said Reiser's wife was last seen there as she dropped off her children Sept. 3. Police found her car full of groceries outside a supermarket.

Nina Reiser had filed for divorce, stating that her husband often used violent video games and movies to relax and exposed the children to the violent entertainment, according to reports in the San Francisco Chronicle, citing the divorce court documents. Hans Reiser had accused his wife of having an affair and said she was mentally unstable, according to several news reports.

A temporary restraining order against Hans Reiser had expired and the couple was scheduled to deal with a child support dispute in court this month, according to news reports.

Hans Reiser runs Namesys from his home. ReiserFS manages files on hard drives that operate with Suse Linux Enterprise systems.

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Police used a cadaver dog as they searched Reiser's home.

Reiser's attorney, William DuBois, could not be reached for comment Thursday.

California news outlets reported that the government had placed the two children in protective care and that Reiser would be arraigned Thursday.