MySQL Gussies Up For Big Biz

Open-source database fave MySQL will soon offer a service to take some of the load off of weary database administrators or DBAs.

MySQL Network Monitoring and Advisory Services basically watches the database servers and alerts admins about potential problems. Ideally before they become expensive.

"This is a dedicated offering for corporate customers including the monitoring service. It'll help you get much more mileage from your DBAs. If you have no DBAs at all you can still get assistance or if you have DBAs they'll be able to manage more servers because the information comes to them," Marten Mickos, CEO of MySQL, Cupertino, Calif. told CRN.

The service, to be available in the fourth quarter, will be part of MySQL Enterprise support subscription package. That package also includes updates, patches, and hot fixes as needed.

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Paul Mockett, Jr., IT/Ops manager for Seattle-based All Star Directories said the monitoring tools "will cut the time we allocate to running around, reduce the amount of hours [devoted to these tasks] and increase the information level and confidence level we have."

MySQL's subscription service comes in four tiers. The high-end Platinum includes the database software itself, the monitoring and advisory services, and 24 by 7 phone and Web support.

Subscriptions cost from $595 to $4,995 per database server. The database runs on Linux, Windows, Macintosh and Unix operating systems