Getting Prepped For OOW '06

Oracle has done what no other tech company (or any company that matter) has managed to date: Oracle OpenWorld has closed down Howard Street between Moscone Centers South and North.

No mean feat. That crucial bit of realty is now covered with big red-and-white Oracle tent structures. San Francisco cab drivers, busses etc simply have to go around. Much to their chagrin.

I cannot vouch for what The San Francisco Chronicle earlier reported: That Larry Ellison and Co. has also managed to extend the walk-light-cycle on the area's crosswalks, but it could be so.

Sidewalks and buildings are plastered with the inevitable Oracle messages about security in case there was any doubt that Oracle OpenWorld is in town. (Last week the company issued a "mega" quarterly patch for vulnerabilities in its database, app server, E-business Suite, JD Edwards One and other products. Oh well.)

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At any rate, the extra convention space is merited by Oracle's incredible—albeit inorganic—growth. It completed its $5+ billion buyout of Siebel last year, when it already had its $10+ billion buyout of PeopleSoft in hand. The other purchases— Oblix, Timesten, Sleepycat, Retek et al. make barely a dent in comparison. No offense guys.

This week we may find out if all those stories about Oracle doing its own Linux are true. (doubt it). And Oracle will start talking re. Oracle Apps 12 or Oracle E-business Suite 12.

Other topics of note: Project Genesis Siebel-Oracle integration project; and tweaks to Oracle's partner program including new-and-improved training, expanding All Partner Territories. The whole schmear.

In other words: Stay tuned.