AMX Stays On IP Path With Endeleo Acquisition

The Richardson, Texas-based company last week acquired Endeleo, a U.K.-based maker of media distribution technology for the growing digital signage and conferencing markets.

"The combination of the two companies will enable more seamless integration between Endeleo and AMX products," said David Goldenberg, president of ACE Communications, a Garden City, N.Y.-based commercial audio/video and network integrator that's an AMX and an Endeleo partner. "AMX is making a big push to network as many products as possible, while Endeleo coincidentally is moving all of its products over to IP-based networking. The two companies have been moving in the same direction."

AMX's strategy is important to integrators like Goldenberg because most of their business has shifted from analog A/V installations, such as closed signage and conferencing solutions, to IP networked installations for applications such as distant learning and conferencing, remote monitoring and maintenance of systems and components from projector light bulbs and physical security cameras. By acquiring Endeleo, AMX will be able to develop more closely integrated products, increase go-to-market cycles and lead its integrators into new markets.

Endeleo's flagship products include the TVM1600 managed television distribution system, a transmission system that can handle up to 192 channels per display connection, and the UDM1604, a multiformat system that can distribute any combination of video and audio formats. Endeleo's customers include Bear Stearns, the Chicago Police Department, Sony Computer Entertainment and Viacom/MTV.

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Robert Noble, who was recently promoted to CTO at AMX, said the Endeleo lines complement AMX's MAX content servers for commercial signage and its line of control systems, including hardware and software. An Edeleo/MAX solution also would allow IT managers to move information through a variety of cables to prevent the overload of corporate IP networks.

"Their products also give us a leap into several dimensions we don't have today," Noble said.

With the acquisition, plans call for all current Endeleo employees and integrator partners to be folded into AMX's corporate structure. Noble couldn't give the exact number but said the acquisition will grow AMX's commercial dealer base by about 10 percent.

Most of AMX's current commercial dealers have developed deep IT skills over the last several years to tackle new technologies and markets, Noble said.

"We're seeing more IT-centric integrators, and that number is growing. They are seeing revenue opportunities that are exploding," he said, adding that the AMX University has training programs for IT and commercial A/V integrators looking to transition or expand their businesses.