Novell Moves Mono Toward .Net 2.0 Support

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Mono 1.2 moves the Mono framework closer to compatibility with .Net 2.0, even as Microsoft this week released its next-generation .Net 3.0 platform.

Mono 1.2 brings support for the Windows Forms API for building application GUIs. A full list of changes made in the update is available at the Mono Web site.

"With this release, we've solved an important issue by making it easier to translate the Microsoft user interfaces to Linux, an important contribution in increasing the number of client-side Linux applications," Miguel de Icaza, the Mono project's maintainer, said in a statement. "Now feature-complete, Mono has matured to the point that we believe the migration from ASP.Net and Windows Forms to Linux is easier than ever before."

Mono runs on a variety of platforms, including Mac OS X, Linux, Solaris, BSD and Windows. The project's goal is to ease cross-platform application portability for .Net developers.

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Traditionally fierce rivals, Microsoft and Novell recently struck a peace pact aimed at enabling a more peaceful co-existence for Microsoft's Windows and Novell's SUSE Linux.