Fleury On Leave; Will He Be Back?

Not big news there. The question is if he'll ever return. Water cooler talk at Red Hat is that he will not.

A spokeswoman for Red Hat confirmed that Fleury started his paternity leave last Friday and such leaves typically last a few months. Red Hat, the Raleigh, N.C.-based Linux power, bought JBoss for its app server expertise but its been clear of late that the $350 million buyout is not going as smoothly as one might have hoped. Especially, if that "one" happens to be Red Hat boss Matthew Szulik.

Fleury, a controversial figure who is now executive vice president of Red Hat's JBoss division, sparked notice in recent public comments expressing displeasure in Red Hat's level of spending in JBoss R&D. Good way to get noticed. Not a good way to build camaraderie.

Geez, what with Fleury and Oracle as Red Hat's friends, who needs enemies?

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So, will Fleury stay or will he go? The clock's ticking, let's just wait and see.