Some (Pre) Holiday Cheer

It's hard being a certified grump 7 by 24 by 365. So to take a break, I scoured the Web for smile-inducing goodies. And there were quite a few.

Jon Stewart's take on Time Magazine's unbelievably pandering choice of "You" (or even "Me") as the person of the year is worth watching. Over and over and over again. Here's the "Happy Shiny People" bit from The Daily Show site.

You gotta feel for poor Soledad O'Brien. Being forced by the corporate to shill for a sister property on national TV can't feel good, but having to interview a guy who looks like an escapee from a wax museum is above and beyond.

As an aside, one of CRN's support staff is seriously considering sending out a congratulations note to our sales crew for the honor Time bestowed on them.

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For one thing, NBC TV's new "viral" marketing campaign for 30 Rock is amusingif somewhat derivative of last summer's hilarious Snakes On A Plane campaign .

Go to the show's web site to create a "personalized" voice mail message from Alec Baldwin to your recipient of choice. .

Also good: the expanding set of Zune vs. iPod spots on YouTube is good for some jollies. Check out this one and then this one for the some of the faceoffs.

What are your picks from the online funny pages? Send the links, with your commentary, to [email protected]