Apple: None Of Our Products Are Vista-Compatible

According to a document that Apple has posted on its Web site, none of the software that it's made available for the Windows environment has been updated for Vista compatibility.

That includes not only iTunes but QuickTime, Airport For Windows, Bonjour For Windows, iDisk utility, and AppleWorks for Windows. All of those applications or utilities are listed by Apple as compatible with Windows XP and earlier versions of Windows, but not Vista.

The document refers iTunes users to another online document indicating that a Vista patch is on the way for that particular application, but it makes no mention of when Apple may work out Vista compatibility for the other products. Sure enough, in a post on Apple's support forum, a QuickTime user reported that QuickTime "works fine on Media Center 2005 but crashes intermittently on Media Center Vista."

Compatibility issues between Apple's software products and Windows Vista first came to light last week when users of the Windows version of iTunes reported that upgrading to Vista left them unable to play songs purchased from Apple's online iTunes store. Other users were quick to weigh in on online forums with a workaround.

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Apple has gone so far as to advise its iPod users not to upgrade to Vista for fear that the device could be corrupted during ejection from a Vista-equipped PC.