TecLink, SecureMyCompany Partner On MSP Support

Denver-based TecLink and SecureMyCompany, Encino, Calif., represent a new breed of vendors that deliver highly customized products that solve specific problems for MSPs.

TecLink offers live, phone-based customer support that represents itself as the MSP and has pricing that accommodates the long-term recurring revenue streams of MSPs, according to Les Stevens, executive vice president at the company. SecureMyCompany brokers and hosts third-party products such as the Kaseya MSP platform and security tools from McAfee, helping MSPs to skirt minimum licensing requirements, said Frank Hughes, company vice president .

With the partnership, SecureMyCompany now offers the support services of TecLink starting at a minimum five-user SKU instead of the prior minimum of a 10-user SKU, said Stevens.

TecLink also has introduced a new after-hours and weekend support service called OnCall at Night, Stevens added. OnCall at Night delivers extended technical support services for just about 20 percent more than an MSP would pay for the vendor's business-hour support services, he said.

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OnCall at Night solves "the old hot-potato problem" of handling an after-hours customer support call, and it can supplement the support services of MSPs that prefer to take customers' business-hour support calls themselves, according to Stevens.

TecLink's services start as low as $25 per user, per month. Support levels that span desktop support all the way up to network and application support are available, Stevens said. Calls are answered using the name of the solution provider so the service doesn't appear to be outsourced.

David Rosenberg, president of Gemini Technology Group, a two-year-old MSP in Woodland Hills, Calif., that recently added the SecureMyCompany services, said he "can't wait to try" the new TecLink service. The appeal of having a live, level-one support person to take calls for Gemini is significant, he noted.

"Half the time, just having that live person answer a call is enough to satisfy a customer for a period of time, and if the problem they have is something basic, like a printer issue or a reboot, that would save us so much time it would be unbelievable," Rosenberg said.