Where's PJ? Chapter Two

The PJ (aka Pamela Jones) saga continues. As everyone knew it would.

Maureen O'Gara's latest Client-Server News contains a bombshell. In a story headlined 'Pam on the Lam' (sic), O'Gara cites an unnamed OSDL board member saying that the group sent IBM money to Groklaw.

That's a very big charge, given P.J. and Groklaw's campaign to discredit SCO and its lawsuits vs. IBM and Novell and et al. Many, including SCO, suspected that P.J.'s Groklaw has been funded by IBM. Secretly funded, since IBM and P.J. have both denied these charges.

Meanwhile, The OSDL, backed by Intel, IBM, HP and others, has reorged and merged with the Free Standards Group.

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O'Gara, a tech journalism veteran, and the mysterious P.J. , who has become the poster girl for Linux and open-source fans, have tangled before. And it wasn't pretty. Now the world await's P.J.'s reappearance from her vacation, which she announced just as SCO lawyers were preparing to subpoena her.

Meanwhile, as if by magic (or unbridled opportunism) some Johnny-Or-Jane-On-The-Spot has leapt into the fray with a new Where's PJ blog.

Special appearances by Alan Dershowitz, Jack Bauer, and Dr. Irving Wladawsky-Berger and others. Now you KNOW you wanna check it out.

For the humor-impaired, here's a hint: It's A JOKE! (The blog that is, not the O'Gara report.)

I told you this was gonna get good.