Vettro Mobilizes Oracle Siebel CRM On Demand

Vettro is now offering updated and Oracle-certified mobile connectivity for Oracle's Siebel On Demand.

Vettro 360 Sales for Siebel CRM On Demand lets roving sales people use their Blackberry or Windows Mobile devices, for example, get their critical sales information without scrolling around.

Carl Graves, managing partner for Berkeley IT, Colchseter, UK, is a fan. His company resells and customizes the software for Siebel on demand customers who want to use their Blackberry's to access data.

The mobile software also supports Java devices, according to Vettro, New York City.

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The software runs on Vettro's recently revamped architecture and supports the latest Siebel CRM OnDemand 14.

The Vettro software costs $60 per user per month while Oracle's hosted CRM is $70 per user per month, making it very price competitive with offerings, according to some Oracle partners. The higher end Enterprise and Unlimited versions weigh in at $125 and $250 per user per month, respectively.

These partners also laud the work Oracle has done updating and reworking the OnDemand interface.

The beauty for Oracle—and Vettro which is a certified member of the Oracle Partner Network—is that customers who start out on the hosted service might move to on-premises CRM later: There are upsell and cross sell opportunities with other Oracle wares as well.