Microsoft Releases Two Vista Updates

Last week, Microsoft released two update packs for Windows Vista to a select group of software testers in its Connect program, which subsequently found their way onto the Internet.

One update fixes several Vista compatibility issues, including problems with upgrading video drivers, poor visual performance when playing graphics-intensive games, conflicts with NVIDIA G80 series graphic drivers, and the loss of Internet Connection Sharing after upgrading a PC from Windows XP to Vista.

The other update fixes performance related issues, including being unable to install a network printer if User Account Control is disabled; inaccurate "estimated time remaining" calculation when downloading large files; and delays when resuming a PC from hibernation.

Microsoft, which last month announced that Vista sales have topped the 60 million mark, has been vague about its timetable for releasing the first Vista service pack, although industry experts expect it to come out around the end of the year.

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Microsoft executives have said they don't think Vista service pack 1 will have a much of an effect on Vista uptake when it's released.