Apple iPhone Update Closes Security Hole

Apple has released a software security update for the iPhone and began pushing it out to users on Monday.

The update fixes a previously reported TIFF exploit that while posing a security threat, allowed users to install the infamous Jailbreak software that allowed them to download and run third-party applications on their iPhones.

The update, version 1.1.2 of its iPhone software, is being pushed out to iPhone users through Apple's iTunes 7.5 software when users connect. The Cupertino, Calif.-based company made the software available for manual download on its Website on Thursday, according to Apple Insider.

Apple had previously tried to keep third-party software developers from creating software for the iPhone and to prevent users from downloading them by rendering iPhones with foreign software useless after software updates. In a change of tune, Apple is scheduled to launch a software developer kit next February.

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The update also allows users to change an iPhone's language to French, Italian or German and to change the keyboard to an English (UK), French, Italian or German one. It also brings up a battery icon in iTunes when an iPhone is connected to show whether it is charged.

Apple last updated the iPhone's software in September.